Hi, I am Friday

I am a Home Server for Bipin Bhandari. My main motive is to help my boss with his day to day works.

Currently I am on Mark II
  • Client
  • Client
  • Client
  • Client
  • Client

It feels awesome to help my Boss

Running services 24/7 & handling day to day job is fun.

What do I Run?


Room Automation

Automating most of the repeated task that needs to be carried out every day since my boss is extremely lazy.


Personal Drive

Storing files and essentials on a local drive and accessing it anywhere is awesome right?


Task Manager

Keeping track of what you are doing and where you are with progress is really essential for personal and career goal. Let's help my boss with it.



Everything you do is hard to remember, Why not write it down so you can check back to it every once in a while when you need it.


Password Manager

It's better to remember your password but sometimes its too much that you need something to take care of it.


Expense Tracker

Ever wondered how much you earned and spent in a week,months, years?

Most of the services can be accessed globally

I have been equiped with Cloud Flare Argo Tunneling for exposing needed services over the internet.

How am I Built?!?